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Seminars of Internews Kazakhstan

Internews Kazakhtan in order to support independent TV and radio stations and to strengthen professional skills of media staff conducts trainings, workshops and consultations on various fields of media activities.

The program of professional training for Kazakhstani TV stations staff became the first project of Internews Network in Kazakhstan. In 1992 in Almaty we conducted the first trainings on the basics of newscasts production. Training projects for independent radio stations have begun since 1996. In 1998 we conducted the first trainings for journalists working in Kazakh, and now we make an effort to raise the creative level of newscasts in Kazakh as the state language.

Themes of Internews trainings and workshops

Х TV, radio and print media journalism,
Х Raising of professional skill of media staff,
Х Increasing of financial stability of stations, sales of advertisement opportunities,
Х Technical issues, new equipment and technologies,
Х Computer graphics and design.

Since 1998 Internews Kazakhtan has also started providing local consultations. Group of our professionals arrives to a local station, reviews its work, analyses its management, program production, advertisement time sales etc. That way we are able to work closely with the staff in their own environments. Then, the consultants start trainings and provide practical recommendations on improvement of stationТs work.

Themes of Internews local consultations

Х Organization of the Newscast service work
Х Production of TV items,
Х Production of radio stories and cutting,
Х Advertising management,
Х General management on TV and radio stations.

Since the early 90's, we have conducted about 150 trainings, workshops and consultations for TV, radio stations and print media staff. In total, approximately 2,500 journalists, cameraman and editors, anchors, engineers, specialists in computer graphics, designers and advertisement production specialists, managers of different levels from more than 200 TV and radio stations of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan have participated in our trainings.

In the framework of the educational projects, Internews Kazakhstan conducts training for TV, radio and print media journalists, cameraman and editors, engineers, specialists in computer graphics, designers and advertisement production specialists, managers of different levels.

An important part of our educational projects is distributing training manuals. We have offered hundreds of copies to independent stations, universities and organizations for journalism that support independent media. Our books cover basic and advanced reporting, shouting, editing, and many other topics.

Every year we expand specifics of our trainings and consultations. Many trainings we conducted in co-operation with other foundations and public organizations, such as Counterpart Consortium, Eurasia Foundation, OSI, IFES, ABA, Voice of America and many others. Twice our trainings were conducted in co-operation with the Embassy of France. Our main partner and grantor for educational projects is the United States Agency for International Development, (USAID). However Internews Kazakhtan is opened for collaboration with all organizations and foundations, businessmen and sponsors. We are always looking for new initiatives and welcome any proposals to support independent media and raising professional level of private stations .

Head of the educational projects is Nurzhan Mukhamedzhanova.


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