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Projects of Internews Kazakhstan 

Internews Kazakhstan in order to foster independent media in Kazakhstan works on the projects including trainings for media professionals, legal assistance, informational support, Global Internet Policy Initiative (GIPI), TV program production projects and the Program of Small Grants for mass media.

Director of the representative office of Internews Network in Kazakhstan, director of the public organization Internews-Kazakhstan, member of the Board of International Organizations Internews International and Internews Europe, Oleg Katsiev has carried out general management over all projects of Internews Kazakhstan since 1995.

Educational projects - trainings and raising professional qualification of media staff

The program of professional training for Kazakhstani TV stations staff became the first project of Internews Network in Kazakhstan in 1992 in Almaty. Training projects for independent radio stations have begun since 1996.

In the framework of the educational projects, Internews Kazakhstan conducts training for TV, radio and print media journalists, cameraman and editors, engineers, specialists in computer graphics, designers and advertisement production specialists, managers of different levels.

Besides the trainings and workshops being conducted in Almaty for TV and radio stations staff, Internews Kazakhtan provides local consultations. Group of professionals arrives to a local station, reviews its work, analyses its management, program production, advertisement time sales etc. Then, the consultants start trainings and provide practical recommendations on improvement of station’s work.

Head of the educational projects is Nurzhan Mukhamedzhanova.
Coordinator- Aliya Kapparova.

Project of legal assistance to mass media

In 1998 Internews Kazakhstan began providing legal assistance to non-government television and radio companies of the country. Internews staff lawyer provides consultations to mass media, in emergency situations arrives for case study and developing recommendations, prepares his articles to the regular legal column ‘Situation’ in Internews bulletin ‘PeRspecTiVe’ and on the Web-site. He also prepares the commentary to the acting legislation regulating media activities in Kazakhstan.

Moreover, Internews actively participates in the development of alternative draft laws, discussion of the current practice of regulating mass media’s activities, arranges various workshops, conferences and round tables on legal aspects of mass media’s activities, develops methodical and training manuals.

Global Internet Policy Initiative (GIPI)

Internews, in collaboration with international organizations Center for Democracy and Technology and OSI (Soros Foundation) works on the project called Global Internet Policy Initiative (GIPI). The project is being realized in many countries and aimed to creation of legislative and political conditions for free development of Internet, advocacy of interests of participants of Internet market.

Coordinator of GIPI project in Kazakhstan is Sofia Issenova

Project of informational support

In the framework of the project of informational support of mass media, since 1998 Internews Kazakhstan has issued e-bulletin ‘PeRspecTiVe’, which nowadays is a weekly edition being distributed among more than 200 subscribers. It contains various topics related to media activities in Kazakhstan.

Editor of Internews Kazakhstan e-bulletin ‘PeRspecTiVe’ is Svetlana Dylevskaya.

In 1998 Internews created its own Internet site. At this time we are working on its renovation in order to make it more helpful and user-friendly.

Web-master of the Web-site is Leonid Shevchenko
Web-designer – Alexey Zakharenko
Editor – Irina Safonova

Program production projects

From the very beginning of its existence Internews Kazakhstan supports independent producers and journalists in production of programs and broadcasts. Then these programs are being distributed for broadcasting to non-government stations on free of charge basis.

Since 1999 Internews Kazakhstan has produced ‘Aina’ TV magazine on life of Kazakhstani people. The TV magazine is being broadcasted by 14 Kazakhstani non-government stations in Kazakh and Russian languages.

Editor of ‘Aina’ is Oxana Osadchuk
Editor in Kazakh - Talgat Suyunbai
Technical director - Galymzhan Sagyndykov.

Since 1999 Internews Kazakhstan in cooperation with its partners in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan has produced and distributed for broadcasting to non-government stations the TV magazine ’Open Asia’, which tells stories on common events of cultural, historical and economic life of neighboring countries. ‘Open Asia’ is being broadcasted by 40 independent TV stations in Central Asia in Russian and national languages: Kazakh, Uzbek, Kyrgyz and Tajik accordingly.

Producer – Olga Kaplina
Technical director – Ahmed Askharov

Internews Kazakhtan program production projects help non-government TV stations to improve their programming.

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