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Journalist of "Navi" internet newspaper Askhat Sharipzhanov died

Journalist of "Navi" internet newspaper Askhat Sharipzhanov died because of "grave craniocerebral injuries" received in a road accident. Turanbek Tolendiyev, chief doctor from the 7th city clinic, has stated this on July 20, at a press conference in Almaty.

Earlier it was reported that the journalist A. Sharipzhanov had fallen victim to a road accident July 16 around 23:00 PM in 14 metres West of Auezov Street in Almaty. A private car "Mitsubishi Galant" running westwards along Abai Avenue driven by a temporarily unemployed K. Kalzhanov, born in Kzylorda province, ran into A. Sharipzhanov crossing Abai Ave in the Northern direction, who without having crossed the street suddenly turned around and went back. Right after the accident the driver of "Mitsubishi Galant", after rendering first aid to the victim called police and ambulance.

That afternoon Sharipzhanov had interviewed Altynbek Sarsenbayev, the new information minister and a reformist, as well as Zamanbek Nurkadilov, a major figure in the opposition to President Nursultan Nazerbayev.

Editor of Navigator, Yuri Mizinov, said the transcripts of the interviews had disappeared from the journalist’s computer, as had his tape-recorder. These details make us doubt the official version of the accident," he said.

According to T. Tolendiyev, an operation was made to the patient on July 17. Doctors made a post-operation diagnosis - "grave open craniocerebral injury. Grave brain contusion with cerebral compression. Acute subdural hemorrhage of the left hemosphere. Fracture of calvarium skull base. Fracture of ethmoid bones. Fracture of frontal bones with crushing of the brain." There were no extremities injuries, just the head, what is not typical.

"Doctors have done everything possible to save his life. Best forces of Kazakhstan were involved," - Vasily Devyatko, head of Almaty healthcare department, has stressed at the press conference.

Reporters Without Borders has called for an investigation after journalist Askhat Sharipzhanov. The international press freedom organization urged interior minister, Zautbek Turisbekov, to ensure there was an open investigation to clear up doubts about the journalistıs cause of death.

"The death of Askhat Sharipzhanov is a serious loss to Kazakhstanıs independent press, said Reporters Without Borders, calling on the authorities to keep it informed of the progress of the investigation.

Navigator ( is one of the most visited independent news websites in the country, all customers of Kazakhtelecom, the main Internet provider, and also of Nursat and Ducat, were prevented from getting access to the site.

July 21, 2004. By


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