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Administrative barriers of telecommunications market development in Kazakhstan

On March 12, 2004 the round table “Administrative Barriers of Telecommunications Market Development in Kazakhstan” took place in Almaty.

Internews Kazakhstan (GIPI project in Kazakhstan), non-government organization, supported by Soros Foundation in Kazakhstan were the organizers of the round table meeting.

GIPI project, “Global Internet Policy Initiative”, is carried out in the different countries of the world in collaboration with the international organizations “Center for Democracy and Technology” and Soros Foundation (OSI) and other donor organizations. In Kazakhstan the project started in 2001. Nowadays the GIPI project is being realized in 17 countries of the world and directed on creation of legislative and political conditions for free Internet development, and advocacy of interests of participants of Internet market.

Nowadays the Kazakhstani telecommunication industry undergoes the stage of reforming directed on creation of the liberal, competitive and open market, new mechanisms of state regulation are being formed. At the same time, there are number of problems and barriers that are interfering development of competition, liberalization within the industry and transparency of decision-making in the given sphere.

The purpose of the round table is constructive discussion of problems and liberalization perspectives of telecommunication industry, development of effective tools to overcome administrative barriers of telecommunications market development in Kazakhstan.

In the frameworks of the round table meeting the following questions concerning perspectives of telecommunication industry development in Kazakhstani were discussed:

• Prospects and problems of liberalization of the market and demonopolization of the national operator OJSC "Kazakhtelecom"
• Necessity of creation an independent regulator in the field of telecommunications
• Necessity of the extended monitoring of state Program realization for development of telecommunication industry in RK for 2003-2005.
• Necessity of harmonization the national legislation in the field of public affairs regulation in the telecommunication sphere, and bringing it in correspondence with the international standards.
• Administrative obstacles of telecommunication industry development and ways of their elimination.
• Demonopolization of OJSC “Kazakhtelecom” and development of small and medium enterprises competition in telecommunication industry services, and also a number of other questions.

Representatives of the Agency on Natural Monopolies Regulation and Competition Protection have taken part in the work of the round table, as well as, deputies of Mazhilis of the Parliament, representatives of Akimat, Small Business Department in Almaty, business associations, small and medium enterprises, the international and Kazakhstan non-governmental organizations, mass media, representatives of the US Embassy and Central Asia Regional Office of the World Bank.

Should you have any questions please contact Sofiya Issenova, coordinator of GIPI project, Internews Kazakhstan by phone:

Tel. (3272) 50 14 19, 50 14 21, 50 14 20;
Fax: (3272) 50 89 59.

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