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Statement of co-chairmen of the Democratic Party of Kazakhstan “Ak Zhol”

Staff of the editorial office of famous independent newspaper “Economics. Finances. Markets. Business review of the Republic” appealed to our party. The letter imparted that representative of official authority - profile ministry - put numerous legislatively unreasoned obstacles before the publication: restricted free issue and dissemination, accredited journalists of the publication were not allowed to attend events, circulation of the newspaper in regions was arrested.

Unfortunately, we need to recognize that lately analogous cases became typical in public and political life of the country. Merely within the last two-three months facts of oppression of independent mass media (among which, besides the mentioned newspaper, were also “Vremya PO”, “SolDat”, “Respublika”, television channels “TAN”, “Irbis”, “Era” and etc) became a reason for alarmed statements of Kazakhstan’s community, international organizations and representative offices of foreign organizations. Thus, similar events undermine foreign policy image of Kazakhstan, as well as affect “internal temperature” within society, cross out achievements in development of independent mass media of the country. Democratic Party of Kazakhstan “Ak zhol” believes that such events are incompatible with principles of democratic development of society. Although we do not agree with some political views of some independent publications, we believe that using repressive measures towards them - means undermining belief of the people into chance to hear open free speech.

It is obvious that here we need not momentary, but fundamental legislative measures to ensure freedom of speech in the state, inadmissibility of unjustified interference into informational activity. Thereupon, the Democratic Party of Kazakhstan “Ak Zhol” has developed a draft-law of the new law “On freedom of speech, receiving and disseminating information in the Republic of Kazakhstan”, which we are planning to present to the parliament of the state this fall. Presently the text of this draft-law is placed on the web site of the Democratic Party of Kazakhstan “Ak Zhol” - <>.

Co-chairmen of the Democratic Party of Kazakhstan “Ak Zhol”

B. Abilov, A. Baimenov, U. Dzhandosov

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