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Police accuses Ketebayev in arson

On July 11 Muratbek Ketebayev, founder of newspapers “Republic-Business review” and “Economics. Finances. Markets”, speaking in public during a press conference in Almaty stated that police of Kazakhstan accused him in arson of the office of his own newspaper.

The newspaper “Delovoye obozreniye Respublika” on its pages harshly criticized power structure of Kazakhstan...). Editorial office was set on fire on the night from May 21 to May 22 - strangers threw several Molotov cocktails into the windows. Everything in the office, including equipment, perished.

Today a press conference took place in the department of police of Almaty city, where police officers stated that guilt of Ketebayev in arranging the arson was allegedly already proven... In reality, M. Ketebayev has not been officially charged with anything.

Ketebayev absolutely refutes the provocation, calling the words of the police officers “insinuations” and “nonsense”. He stated that “instigators” could not give him clear credible answers to a number of questions during a confrontation. Ketebayev also emphasized that he doubts that particularly these two “extortionists” committed the arson, as, according to him, “he had an impression that the arson was committed quite professionally and two fellows would not be able to do it within a short period of time”.

The office and the equipment, which was contained there, were not insured. The entire property belonged to M. Ketebayev. Alarm system was working in the office, which sent for security group of police to the site. Moreover, M. Ketebayev was not in the city on the day of the arson.

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