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Khabar's forgery

Representative office of Internews Network in Kazakhstan states that "Khabar" agency in its information report of May 24, 2002 distorted the words of the member of the Commission on frequencies, deputy director of Internews Kazakhstan Nurzhan Mukhamedzhanova in the interview given by her to "Khabar" agency.  In the context of information of "Khabar" agency N. Mukhamedzhanova allegedly approves of the Commission's actions.  As a matter of fact N. Mukhamedzhanova stated that Internews opposes the decision on recalling licenses of any of the six stations.  In all 6 cases the deputy director of Internews Kazakhstan voted against such radical method to punish stations, which must be reflected in the minutes of the Commission session.
Oleg Katsiyev
Managing director of Internews Kazakhstan

The following is the original text, which was aired on "Khabar" and placed on the web-site of "Khabar" agency:

Licenses for broadcasting of five television companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan were recalled

"Khabar" of May 24, 2002
Tender commission on distribution of television and radio frequencies was solving fate of 19 electronic mass media from East Kazakhstan and Pavlodar regions, of Astana city.  Agonizing suspense lasted for several hours.  Behind the closed doors leaders of television companies and radio stations were arguing compliance of work of their staffs with requirements of the law "On languages", "On copyright" and "On mass media".  Not all of them were granted a right to continue activity.  The Commission recommended to the Ministry of transport and communications to recall in judicial order licenses for broadcasting of five television companies.  This list included Pavlodar's "Irbis" and "TV 6 x 6", "Teletek" from Eastern Kazakhstan, Ekibastuz municipal television company and capital "Era".  License of "AlvaTV" company was suspended for three months.  Member of the tender commission, deputy director of the public organization in support of mass media "Internews-Kazakhstan" Nurzhan Mukhamedzhanova emphasized that licenses of those companies, which grossly violated the laws, were recalled; while other studios received warnings.

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