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Program of small grants for mass media

Representative office of “Internews Network” in the Republic of Kazakhstan within the framework of the support project of non-state mass media on grant of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) announces a program of small grants for mass media. On a competitive basis “Internews” will present grants for granting funds for covering current expenses for realization of journalist projects, dedicated to socially important issues. Candidates will be evaluated on the following criteria: creative approach; conformity of announced topics with the aforementioned direction; presence of proper qualification, experience and chance for realization of production.

Goal of this program is stimulating quality journalist works, dedicated to issues of development of civil society.

Small grants are presented on two main directions:


On a competitive basis “Internews” presents equipment and funds for covering current expenses for production of projects, dedicated to socially important issues. Competition winners will obtain education, necessary for production of TV and radio programs (it might be equipment for production of TV and radio programs, computers and etc.). In its character projects may be local and/or regional, but preference will be given to those that presume dissemination throughout the entire country or entire region. Maximal grant amount should not exceed $20 000. According to competition regulations “Internews” obtains, in case of need, top priority for dissemination of programs or other journalist works among Kazakhstan’s private mass media. Right for submission of application belongs to operating, having official registration, mass media (television and radio companies, as well as print and Internet editions).


“Internews” also examines applications from local mass media for production of Public Service Announcements or programs, short informational or documental films, as well as in support of journalist investigations. Maximal amount of grants for production of programs does not exceed $5000. Funds are mainly directed towards covering of current expenses on production, not for purchase of equipment. Preference will be given to applications, which assume cooperation between mass media and NGOs, conducting campaigns in informing vast masses. Projects may cover local issues as well as problems on the level of the entire country, and also be a part of more extensive campaigns on protection of population interests. With the objective to secure proper quality of end product, television equipment and services of technical staff of “Internews” might be provided to grantees.

Examination of grants will be realized with fixed periodicity. All applications shall be examined by jury, consisting of representatives of local and international organizations, working with mass media, as well as qualified experts. Jury decisions will be defined by result of voting of its members.

The application should contain objective, description and supposed results of the project (why and how the project will provoke interest of the public), work plan, detailed budget, information on completed work in the past and on contacts with potential partners. Target audience, territory that will be covered by the project and dissemination mechanism should be specified without fail (in case the application is submitted by freelance journalists or production studio, it is necessary to present a letter from mass media, guaranteeing free demonstration/publication of material). It is recommended to attach project participants’ resume to the application, previous works (organizations shall provide corresponding legal documents).

Eligible applicants shall be mass media (television and radio companies, as well as print and Internet editions) of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Independent production associations, independent producers of information products and journalists may also submit applications, but they are obliged to present in their application assured mechanism of dissemination of end products.

Representative office of “Internews Network” in the Republic of Kazakhstan
Nauryzbay batyr 58, Almaty, 480091, Kazakhstan; tel: (3272) 508950, fax: (327 2) 508959

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