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News of Internews Kazakhstan

November 27 2002

Hearings on mass media activity and perfection of its legislative base are to be held in Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan

August 27 2002

Internet version of the Internews Kazakhstan newsletter issue # 19 (144)

August 6 2002

Article "Authoritarian turmoil in Central Asia" published in Los Angeles Times

August 2 2002

The Board on civil cases of the Supreme Court decreed to leave the decision of Almaty municipal court on the lawsuit of Rakhat Aliyev against Internews Kazakhstan without changes.

July 18 2002

Democratic Party of Kazakhstan “Ak Zhol” issued a statement of co-chairmen.

July 17 2002

Press release of the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), New York, states that S. Duvanov, independent journalist, has been charged with criminal defamation.
Article "Bruised, but still jabbing Kazakh heavyweights" published in New York Times by Michael Wines.

July 11 2002

Press conference took place today in the department of police of Almaty city, where police officers accused M. Ketebayev in arson.

July 4 2002

Journalist of the independent television and radio company “Irbis” Kanat Tusupbekov was taken into custody.

June 16 2002

Decision of Almaty municipal court on the lawsuit of Aliyev R. M. against the representative office of "Internews Network Kazakhstan", chief editor of the newsletter "Internews-Kazakhstan" and author of the article "Khabarization of the entire country. Part 2" - Dylevskaya Svetlana Yuriyevna on protection of honor and dignity.

June 11 2002

Article "New repression in Kazakhstan. Journalists targeted after President implicated in scandal" by Peter Baker, Washington Post Foreign Service of June 10, 2002.
International press release issued by World Press Freedom Committee on resolutions adopted at WPFC conference on media independence in post-communist countries.

June 7 2002

Press-conference, dedicated to results of examination of Rakhat Aliyev's lawsuit against Internews Network in Kazakhstan in Almaty municipal court (court of first instance), took place on Kazakhstan's press-club on June 6. Internews-Kazakhstan distributed press-release during the press-conference.
Internews-Kazakhstan received expert conclusion of the Guild of linguistic experts on documentary and informational disputes of Russian Federation concerning the article "Khabarization of the entire country. Part 2".

May 28 2002

Internews Network in Kazakhstan issued statement regarding Khabar's information report of May 24, 2002
Declaration by the Presidency, on behalf of the European Union, on the recent attacks against the independent media in Kazakhstan, Madrid and Burssels

May 24 2002

U.S. Embassy statement on recent attacks against independent media in Kazakhstan.
U.S. State department spokesman Philip T. Reeker's statement on harassment of political opposition and independent media in Kazakhstan.

May 23 2002

Representatives of the foundation "Adil soz", Internews Network in Kazakhstan and Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan made joint statement in the view of recent developments in mass media sector of Kazakhstan.

May 22 2002

Committee to Protect Journalists published report regarding recent attacks on two opposition newspapers in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

May 21 2002

The International League for Human Rights sent Address to the President of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev regarding recent events around mass media in Kazakhstan.

May 2 2002

Speech by Ambassador Heinrich Haupt, Head of OSCE Centre in Almaty, on Eurasian Media Forum (25th-27th April, 2002, Almaty, Kazakhstan)

April 15 2002

Ministry of transport and communications is going to deprive the television company "TAN" of its license on right to broadcast.

April 12 2002

Next judicial session on the lawsuit of R. Aliyev against Internews Kazakhstan was set on April 18th. The representative office submitted a petition on delay of the judicial session.

April 3 2002

OSCE Center in Almaty disseminated a press-release.

April 2 2002

US Embassy expresses its concern in the light of the recent events in Almaty. International foundation for protection of freedom of speech "Adil soz" appeals to the Minister of Internal Affaires of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Suleymenov K.S. with the open letter.
Kazakhstan today reports that Senator Batallova is going to initiate investigation on fact of assault of police officers on journalists near the Embassy of France.

April 1 2002

Almaty department of informaton, culture and public accord submitted a lawsuit aganist the newspaper "Vremya Po" to the inter-district economic court.

March 29 2002

Address of journalists of the television company "TAN".

March 14 2002

Appeal of the Union of journalists of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Representative office of Internews Network in Kazakhstan and National association of television and radio broadcasters of Kazakhstan to the Commission on conduction of competitions for receipt of right on ground television and radio broadcasting in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

March 6 2002

Journalists of the television and radio company "Irbis" made an address to the deputies of the parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

March 5 2002

Internews Kazakhstan made an official address regarding numerous incidents restricting the freedom of activity of independent, private mass media in Kazakhstan.

February 28 2002

Representative office of Internews Network in Kazakhstan announces about the beginning of new project of small grants for mass media of Kazakhstan.  A production fund for support of journalist projects, dedicated to socially important issues, is being established together with the US Agency for International DevelopmentApplications for the first round of the competition shall be accepted until March 10, 2002. Applications for the second round shall be accepted until December 10, 2002.

February 27 2002

RFE/RL'S KAZAKH NEWS reports that group of Mazhilis deputies wants explanation on situation faced by some media outlets.

February 6 2002

During the trial session R. M. Aliyev made a request to the court.  On the same day the court rendered a definition in regard to conduction of examination.

February 5 2002

R. M. Aliyev agreed that he had excluded the first sentence from the first paragraph of the publication of the defendant.

January 30 2002

During the judicial session the representative office proposed to conclude an amicable agreement to the representative of the plaintiff.

January 29 2002

Representative of Internews Network in court presented Objections to the statement of claim of R. M. Aliyev to the Representative office of Internews Network in Kazakhstan on protection of honor and dignity and compensation of moral damage.

January 25 2002

The defendant presented a list of questions for literary and linguistic examinations to the court.

January 23 2002

During the trial R. M. Aliyev changed the ground and the subject of his suit.

January 18 2002

The first trial session of Almaty municipal court on the lawsuit of R. M. Aliyev against Internews Network in Kazakhstan took place on January 17 2002.

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