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Senator Batallova is going to initiate an investigation

Kazakhstan today

Deputy of senate of the parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan Zauresh Battalova is gong to initiate deputy investigation on fact of assault of police officers of Almaty department of internal affairs on journalists of the television company “Tan” and “Irbis” at night of April 2 near the Embassy of France. Z. Batallova reported this to the journalists during the press conference, which took place on April 2 n Almaty.

According to Z. Batallova at night of April 2 groups of television companies “Tan and “Irbis”, which were on duty near the Embassy of France, where member of political union “Democratic choice of Kazakhstan” Galymzhan Zhakiyanov was present at the time, shot the procedure of road police seizure of vehicle owned by Mrs. Zhakyanova Karlygash, wife of Zhakiyanov G..

Soon after, according to Z. Batallova, police officers received an order from their command to seize the videotape with footage of the arrest. At the same time, policemen wrecked the camera, owned by “Irbis”. Moreover, the police violated the law “On immunity of a deputy”, retaining the senator Batallova by force, who was trying to defend the shooting-crew. This incident was shot by group of the television company “tan”.

Later, on the morning of April 2, a group of young people, who were positioned near the Embassy of France, assaulted the group of the television company “Tan”. As a result, the senior cameraman of the television company, Ruslan Tairov, was hospitalized with suspicion on concussion.

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