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Legislation the Republic of Kazakhstan about mass media

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Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan On Mass Media

The present Law regulates public relations in the sphere of mass media, establishes state guarantees of their freedom in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Chapter 1. General Provisions

Article 1. Basic concepts used in the present Law

Article 2. Freedom of speech, receipt and information dissemination

Article 3. Mass media language

Article 4. Legislature of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Mass Media

Chapter 2. Organizing the mass media activity

Article 5. The right to found a mass medium

Article 6. Owner of a Mass Medium

Article 7. Mass Medium Editorial Office

Article 8. Information agency

Article 9. Publisher of a mass medium

Article 10. Registration of a Mass Medium

Article 11. Application for Registration of a Mass Medium

Article 12. Exempt from registering a mass medium

Article 13. Suspension and termination of issue (broadcasting) of a mass medium

Chapter 3. Mass Media Distribution

Article 14. Distribution of a Mass Medium

Article 15. Issue Data

Article 16. Mandatory copies of periodical publications and storage of TV and radio program materials

Chapter 4. Relations between mass media and citizens and organizations

Article 17. Author’s works and letters

Article 18. Official statements

Article 19. Right to refutation

Chapter 5. Rights and duties of a journalist

Article 20. Rights of a journalist

Article 21. Duties of a Journalist

Chapter 6. Accreditation of journalists

Article 22. Accreditation of Journalists

Article 23. Accreditation of mass media in the Republic of Kazakhstan abroad

Article 24. Activity of foreign mass media representatives in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Chapter 7. Responsibility for violation of legislation on mass media

Article 25. Grounds for responsibility for violating the legislation on mass media

Article 26. Cases of exemption from responsibility for dissemination of data that does not comply with reality

President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

N. Nazarbayev

May 3, 2001


# 181-II ZRK

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