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Legislation the Republic of Kazakhstan about mass media

The profession of the journalist means informing public on the events and facts related to the interests of citizens and society. This is why journalists (mass media) in the process of their work, journalist investigation, gathering information from state bodies or public organizations may be involved in conflicts.

Offered below for your consideration are the excerpts from Kazakhstani legislation regulating the activities of mass media. The presented materials include the extracts of Constitution, Codes, Laws, Decrees and Regulations. These materials are kind of general rules of the game, which everyone should be aware of before acting.

The column ‘Situation’ is a case study where various situations that journalists face in their professional activities are explained, with references to the legislation. Whether state officials act legally or not towards journalists? What should the journalists do in some specific situations? What are their rights and responsibilities? All this information can be found here.

Our lawyer also provides the commentary to the legislation regulating media activities in the column ‘Juristic Commentary’.

The lawyer of Internews Kazakhstan is Sergey Vlasenko.


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