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Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Article 5

1. The Republic of Kazakhstan shall recognize political and ideological diversity.

Article 12

1.Human rights and freedoms in the Republic of Kazakhstan shall be recognized and guaranteed in accordance with this Constitution.

2. Human rights and freedoms shall belong to everyone by virtue of birth, be recognized as absolute and inalienable, and define the contents and implementation of laws and other regulatory legal acts.

5. Exercise of citizenís human rights and freedoms must not violate rights and freedoms of other persons, infringe on the constitutional system and public morals.

Article 18

1. Everyone shall have the right to inviolability of private life, personal or family secrets, protection of honor and dignity.

2. Everyone shall have the right to confidentiality of private deposits and savings, correspondence, telephone conversations, postal, telegraph and other messages. Limitation of this right shall be permitted only in the cases and according to the procedure directly established by law.

3. State bodies, public associations, officials, and the mass media must provide every citizen with the possibility to obtain access to documents, decisions and other sources of information concerning his rights and interests.

Article 19

2. Everyone shall have the right to determine and indicate or not to indicate his national, party and religious affiliation.

Article 20

1. The freedom of speech and creative activities shall be guaranteed. Censorship shall be prohibited.

2. Everyone shall have the right to freely receive and disseminate information by any means not prohibited by law. The list of items constituting state secrets of the Republic of Kazakhstan shall be determined by law.

3. Propaganda of or agitation for the forcible change of the constitutional system, violation of the integrity of the Republic, undermining of the state security, and advocating war, social, racial, national, religious, class and clannish superiority as well as the cult of cruelty and violence shall not be allowed.


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