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Global Internet Policy Initiative (GIPI)

Internews, in collaboration with international organizations Center for Democracy and Technology and OSI (Soros Foundation), began to realize a new project called Global Internet Policy Initiative (GIPI). The project is being realized in many countries and directed towards creation of legislative and political conditions for free development of Internet, advocacy of interests of participants of Internet market.

Adequate legislative and political conditions, including freedom for dissemination and receipt of information, free development of Internet business, accessibility of internet for all layers of the population are needed in order to develop Internet network in Kazakhstan.

While supporting processes of development of information legislation, it is necessary to note that we substantially fall behind even other post-Soviet states in this respect. Kazakhstan does not have full package of special laws on informatization and regulation of this sphere of legal relations is mainly realized on the level of sub-legal acts.

New legislation should include forms of state support of informatization, rights of the state, organizations and separate citizens for information massives and resources and main parameters of forming national information infrastructure (NII).

Regulation of the Internet technology market should be realized with consideration of subsequent inclusion of NII into the global information infrastructure, realized by the world community on the basis of the open information systems concept.

At the same time reform of information legislation should be conducted openly with direct participation of civil society institutes, including non-governmental organizations, providers, other participants of the information technologies market, its users, scientific institutions, occupied in the sphere of informatization. Laws of Kazakhstan should contain universally recognized international principles, adapted to national conditions; correspond to international standards and modern notions of information security.

Another objective of the GIPI project is joint pursuit of balance of information interests of the state and society, advancement of information culture of the population, provision of free access to Internet, constitutional rights of citizens for free receipt and dissemination of information.


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