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Weekly e-bulletin of Internews Kazakhstan ‘PeRspecTiVe’

In the framework of the project of informational support of mass media Internews Kazakhstan presents a weekly Russian-language e-bulletin ‘PeRspecTiVe’.

The bulletin is being sent over by e-mail, regularly published on our Web-site and is always available on-line. Subscribers of the bulletin are TV and radio stations and print media companies, representatives of international organizations and local NGOs, embassies, deputies of the Parliament.

The bulletin has been published since January 1998. The edition was called ‘PeRspecTiVe’. What do the capital letters mean? ‘R’ means ‘radio’ and ‘TV’ means ‘television’. Internews Kazakhstan mission is to foster independent media in Kazakhstan.

One of the principles of Internews is to encourage people to unite with the aid of electronic mass media. That is why the bulletin was intended to be a source of interesting and helpful information for mass media professionals and a connecting-link between independent TV and radio stations and state authorities, NGOs, foundations for media support, freedom of speech and democratic reforms.

The publication covers a range of various topics related to the activities of electronic mass media in Kazakhstan.

The most recent news about independent television and radio stations can be found in the regular ‘News’ column.

In the columns ‘News of Internews’ and ‘Projects of Internews’ we publish the information on our activities and new/existing projects.
In the column ‘Trainings of Internews’ you can find the regularly updated information on educational projects and trainings conducted by Internews Kazakhstan.

News about particular radio and television stations you can find in the column ‘Our Colleagues' Activities’.

In the column ‘Trainings, Competitions, Conferences’ you will find the announcements on trainings and various events held for mass media by other organizations.

The staff lawyer of Internews Kazakhstan Sergey Vlasenko uses various situations that journalists face in their professional activities to explain, with references to the legislation, whether state officials act legally or not towards journalists. What should the journalists do in some specific situations? What are their rights and responsibilities? All this information can be found in the column ‘Situation’. Our lawyer also provides the commentary to the legislation regulating media activities in the column ‘Juristic Commentary’.

News about television and radio technology, companies distributing or manufacturing television or radio equipment and software, as well as answers to most frequently asked questions can be found in ‘Technology’ column edited by Galymzhan Sagyndykov, the technical director of Internews Kazakhstan.

Reviews and interesting articles on TV and radio, everything published by Kazakhstani and foreign media regarding electronic mass media may be found in the column ‘Media about electronic media’.

A lot of other useful and interesting information for electronic mass media is published in our e-bulletin.

The full version of the bulletin (in Russian) starting with issue #1 may be found in the Russian-language section of our site.

The project is sponsored by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Editor of the bulletin is Svetlana Dylevskaya.

Should you have any suggestions, notices, news or information, please send to: with the reference ‘For bulletin’.


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