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"Aina": television "mirror" of life of Kazakhstan

In January of 1998 Internews Kazakhstan began production of TV magazine ‘Aina’.

In ‘Aina’ we want to reflect the present of Kazakhstan, its life, concerns and hopes of ordinary citizens of Kazakhstan. In Kazakh, ‘Aina’ means ‘Mirror’. One of the main tasks of this TV project is to tell sincerely and without prejudices how citizens of Kazakhstan live today, what they are concerned about and what they are happy about.

In the beginning ‘Aina’ aired once a month and included 4-5 video stories on the first stage of production. Duration of each story was 3-5 minutes. At the present time the television program "Aina" airs twice a month and consists of 3 extended stories. In the future we are planning to issue "Àina" once a week.

‘Aina’ is unique due to the fact that the television magazine is produced in Kazakh and Russian. Thus, an interesting program product, which was able to assist independent television stations in solving problems of conformity with requirements of the Law ‘On languages’, was created. Moreover, we believe that this TV stations will be able to attract more TV viewers, which is important for programming rating, and consequently, for potential advertisers. Today the program ‘Aina’ is distributed on free of charge basis among 14 non-government stations of the RK, and this number is being constantly increased.

The TV magazine ‘Aina’ includes documentaries and feature stories on topics, which affect and concern all citizens of Kazakhstan. Creative team of “Internews Kazakhstan” actively works with regional non-government TV stations in its work on TV magazine ‘Aina’. ‘Aina’ is not just a mirror of life in Kazakhstan, but also a reflection of work of independent TV stations. Selection of video stories for ‘Aina’ is made on the basis of scenario scripts sent by journalists. We want Kazakhstani TV viewers to watch interesting programs of high quality.

Implementation of ‘Aina’ project allows non-state stations of Kazakhstan to increase broadcasting percentage in state language, familiarize citizens of Kazakhstan with creative work of TV stations and also helps to increase professional level of stations staff.

Creative team “Internews Kazakhstan”, which works on the television magazine “Aina”, is looking forward to your suggestions.

Editor of ‘Aina’ is Oxana Osadchuk
Editor in Kazakh - Talgat Suyunbai
Technical director - Galymzhan Sagyndykov.

To receive additional information or send your feedback on ‘Aina’, please contact us at the following e-mail address:


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