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Cooperation and participation in the television magazine “Aina”

Originality of the TV project “Aina” consists in joint work of the creative team of Internews Kazakhstan, non-government stations in regions of Kazakhstan and independent journalists.

Internews Kazakhstan for its part assists to regional stations in production of video stories. We send videotapes for shooting and editing when necessary. If a station does not have an opportunity to do quality editing, initial video material along with scenario script and decoding are sent to Internews Kazakhstan. In this case we edit it ourselves. If a station does not have an opportunity to produce video story in Kazakh language, it sends us Russian version of a text. We translate it ourselves.

Apart from shooting and editing of personal video stories, editing of the TV magazine, “Internews” coordinates preparation of stories on local stations and provides independent authors with an opportunity to shoot and edit a story. It is supposed that in the near future non-state stations and participants of the joint project will prepare almost all of the program stories.

Wouldn’t you agree that today it is hard to find a TV company, which can provide you with an opportunity to shoot a high-quality documentary. And it is unlikely that you will be able to receive professional consultations in the process of preparation to shooting, during shouting, writing of a script and editing, at some other place than Internews Kazakhstan.

In order to get an opportunity to shoot and edit a story, the authors (employees of television companies, as well as independent authors) need to present the topic for their future story in the form of scenario script plan. The script has to include the following:

1) A problem or an issue of a story.
2) Available information on this topic.
3) Supposed points of views and opinions on the given topic (interview-comments).
4) Supposed character, whose portrait will help to disclose a conflict, problem, answer the story’s question more clearly.
5) Supposed strong video.

Mandatory condition of cooperation is the constant contact between story’s authors and producer of “Aina” program. The best contact method is e-mail, due to which there is an opportunity for quick delivery of story texts to, as well as reviews and recommendations of producer.

After approving a topic for production, an author, in accordance with confirmed work schedule, receives an opportunity to shoot and edit. Highly qualified cameramen from Internews Kazakhstan carry out the video shooting on digital equipment of DV CAM format. Editing is carried out on non-linear editing systems.

Each video story broadcasted in “Aina” program is paid in accordance with the fee schedule.

Cooperation between a station and Internews is documented by an agreement. According to the agreement Internews takes on responsibility to produce the program and send it to a station in proper time. A station takes on responsibilities: to show the program during approved time, provide all conditions for preparation of stories on this station and to send them for program editing in time.
Equipment of S-VHS, DV, DVCAM and BETACAM formats is used in the production process of the television magazine. Editing of video stories and programs is carried out on computer station of non-linear editing. The program is distributed on S-VHS or VHS, DV, DVCAM, BETACAM and SP tapes for stations’ convenience.

Creative team of Internews Kazakhstan, which works on the TV magazine “Aina”, is looking forward to your suggestions.

If you have any questions regarding cooperation and viewing of “Aina” programs, please, contact Internews Kazakhstan:

Editor of ‘Aina’ is Oxana Osadchuk
Editor in Kazakh - Talgat Suyunbai
Technical director - Galymzhan Sagyndykov.


Television magazine "Aina" News of the television magazine "Aina"